Glen Turpin

Laconic marketing communications pro, opinionated introvert, polyglot, creative generalist

Who I am

I'm a corporate marketing communications executive with more than 20 years experience leading initiatives that solve business problems at global technology and financial services firms.

Working at the intersection of ingenuity and operational discipline, I've led cross-functional and geographically dispersed teams to develop integrated digital communications programs that build brand awareness, manage corporate reputation, engage employees, and improve customer service.

Today, I lead digital communications for the largest bank in the Farm Credit System.

Previously, I led the digital communications function for one of the world's top financial services technology firms, managing a team of web professionals responsible for design, user experience, development and project management of websites generating leads valued at $2M in revenue annually. The team also managed the company’s internal communications delivery platforms and social media channels worldwide.

What I do

I think of myself as a creative generalist. Over the course of my career, I’ve been responsible for digital communications, public relations, employee communications, issues management, brand management, crisis communications, product management, digital marketing and social media.




Team Leader

Digital Media

Social Media



Where I am

This is my primary online presence, but you can find me in several other places on the web, although I'm not particularly active on social sites anymore.

  •   I keep my business profile up to date on LinkedIn. If you’re one of the people who has said nice things about my work, thank you again.
  •   I'm getting settled on Mastodon and it has become my go-to social network.
  •   It's still young, but I'm really impressed with Threads so far. It feels like Twitter did in the early days.
  •   Email is sometimes the slowest way to contact me. If you want to get my attention quickly, use Mastodon or LinkedIn.

Where I was

I'm not particularly active on social sites anymore.

  •   I still have Twitter accounts to to prevent impersonation but I don't really use them anymore.
  •   I have an old link blog on Tumblr that I occasionally update as I find interesting things to share and preserve for posterity.
  •   I don't use Facebook very often, but it’s the best way to keep up with some family and friends.
  •   Sometimes I take pictures. Not very often, though I keep telling myself I should get back into the habit. How many pictures of my dog on a mountain trail do you want to look at?
  •   I keep a legacy site for sentimental reasons. It's not the original content, but I still keep a live page there.